Jackalope Decaf

Roast Level: Medium Roast
Tasting Notes: Citrus Fruit - Malt - Walnut

A thing of myth and folklore, the Jackalope is a legendary creature in the South described as a jackrabbit with antelope horns. Similar to this animal hybrid, our decaf coffee also brings together 2 unexpected characteristics, the great taste of coffee with no caffeine.

Using a natural decaffeination process, we are able to preserve the wonderful flavors of the coffee while allowing you to get a little more sleep tonight. So long as this mysterious beast doesn't haunt your dreams.

Origin: Colombia
Altitude: 1900 MASL
Varietal: Caturra, Colombia
Process: Washed

We found 102 dedicated farmers in the Grupo Asociativo Café Andino Especial. Joined together by geography and a mutually shared desire to produce high quality coffee, these farmers each have their own micro-mills and parabolic covered drying patios so each coffee can be harvested, milled, and dried according to the needs of the individual farms terroir.

This exceptional treatment of the coffee at the farm level is what makes this decaf shine.

Customer Reviews

Based on 24 reviews
Excellent for those looking for a lower caffeine option

We combine Jackalope & Emporium to get a medium roast, half-caff blend that works nicely for our morning coffee.

Jackalope Decaf

love the taste. I mix with my Stella or Karmadillo and it doesn't jeopardize the taste at all. The best

Best decaf around

Has a wonderful taste. Lightly chocolate, malty, nutty. Loved it!

Best decaf around

I used to be able to find this in Whole Foods, but it seems to have disappeared. This is one of the better tasting decaf coffees we have ever found, and it’s also always consistent. Now on auto ship until we find it in store again.

Too fine?

I ordered the Jackalope fine ground however it is much closer to Turkish ground unfortunately. It's so fine that my espresso machine is unable to use it as it becomes a solid puck with no porosity. I'm the only decaf person in the house and have been buying ground coffee while the caffeinated beans use the machines built in grinder. The silver lining is this has motivated me to get a quality grinder so I can buy whole beans instead. Maybe some more Jackalope in the future but unfortunately this batch will have to go in the compost pile.