Stella Cometa

$15.00 / 12oz Whole Bean

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Roast Level: Medium Roast
Tasting Notes: Caramel - Hazelnut - Touch of Acidity

Italian for “North Star” or “Guiding Light” this Espresso Blend is our beacon for quality, craft, and product in one. It’s where we continually look to make sure we are steadfast in our commitment to produce the absolute best product possible.

This blend of coffees from Central and South America include both washed and honeyed processing in order to create an espresso that combines body, sweetness, acidity and a clean aftertaste.

Origin: Brazil, Colombia, Nicaragua, El Salvador
Altitude: Various
Varietal: Various
Process: Various

In a constant effort to keep our blends as fresh as possible, they can vary with coffee's changing seasonality. Contact the Roastery directly to learn more details about the coffees used in this blend.

Customer Reviews

Based on 170 reviews
Cathy Sun
Great coffee bean

The best coffee bean for latte art! Will be back!

Mary Seale

I have a new espresso machine. I love the Stella Cometa and plan to order again.

Cole Cordell
The ONLY Coffee I’ll Buy

Truly incredible coffee, zero negatives 11/10.
Mike and the team at Cuvee know how to produce quality to the highest degree, every batch.

Trey R
Best Espresso

Beats any coffee shop I’ve ever been to. No reason to get any other brands of espresso!

Favorite espresso

My husband and I LOVE these beans. So smooth and just a perfect blend. Customer service is wonderful as well. 10/10 would recommend.