Answering all of your deepest and most caffeinated questions.

Where does Cuvée Coffee source their coffee?

All over the world! Many of our coffees are from Central and South America, but you will find coffees from Africa and Southeast Asia as well.

Where can I buy CuvÉe Coffee from?

We roast and ship our whole bean coffee to order on our online store. Our coffees can also be found being served in cafes or on the shelfs of select retailers.

How do I know that the coffee that I am buying from Cuvée is fresh?

Check the bottom of the bag! We include the roasting date and best by date on the bottom of every bag.

How should I store this coffee and how long will it last?

Coffee should be stored in a cool dry place. Minimize exposure to light and oxygen if you can. The pantry will do just fine! Our coffee is given a best by date of 180 days from the roast date.

Do you ship internationally?

Not at this time. Roasted coffee many times, proves challenging when clearing customs. The exception to this being APO addresses.

Is your coffee organic?

Our coffees do not have organic certification. Through our direct trade model, we know and trust our producer’s farming practices. Because of this, we do not ask our producers to take on the financial burden of obtaining the certification

Do you offer ground coffee?

All of the coffee we offer is whole bean coffee. There are so many variables that play into making a great cup of coffee, including freshness and grind size. It is always best to grind right before brewing to get the best possible coffee experience and to give your coffee a longer shelf life.

Can I order Cold Brew online?

Our Cold Brew has to stay refrigerated to maintain its flavor, so it’s not currently available online. However, we have retail locations throughout the US who carry our Cold Brew products. Click Here (link to store locator) to find the nearest location to you, or email info@cuveecoffee.com with your zip code.

What coffee do you use in your cold brew?

Colombia. You can learn more about the Colombia coffee by clicking here.

Does your cold brew need to stay refrigerated?

​​​​​​YES! Please keep our Cold Brew refrigerated. You can also find the find the best-by date ink jetted on the bottom of the can.

Who do I contact if I am interested in wholesale or cold brew distribution?

Find our wholesale inquiry form by clicking here.