HomeState | Coffee Partner Series

"We’re taking something that’s really down-home and elevating it with really fresh ingredients."

When asked about HomeState, owner Briana (Breezy) broadly smiles and offers up her signature laugh, "Oh, man. I love HomeState." She pauses before continuing with a sigh, "Oh man." Then she buries her head in her hands.

To simply say Breezy loves what she does is an egregious understatement. Briana Valdez pours herself into this place with fury and passion. And it's evident when you spend time with her because you just feel at home. "I’ve always liked taking care of people, making people feel good and food is one of the most wonderful ways of doing that," she says during the interview. She continues, "This small space brings people together. People feel comfortable, at-ease the second they walk in the door—it’s familiar. We’ve created a community, and that was always my goal."

We are proud to partner with Briana and love what she is doing in California. So if you find yourself lost in L.A. with wanderlust and in need of something familiar, go get a cup of Cuvee and a breakfast taco (hell, get some queso too) from HomeState. You'll be glad you did.

Homestate - 01 (small) Homestate - 04 (small) Homestate - 07 (small) Homestate - 09 (small)


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