Great Coffee, No Equipment Required

Single serve coffee is a phrase I never thought would come out of my mouth.  Whenever I hear that phrase, I think of K-cups and crappy hotel coffee.  I get the convenience of single serve, but I’ve struggled to find one that was more than caffeine delivery.

My wife, Rashelle, has been saying for years, “why doesn’t someone make a tea bag filled with quality coffee instead of tea?”  Well this year we were introduced to just that product and we’ve launched our Single Serve Steeped Bags.  We start with our perfectly roasted direct trade coffee, then it’s precisely ground, portioned and packaged in a filter bag that’s sealed in a nitrogen flushed packet.

The end result is a convenient, delicious, single serve coffee that doesn’t require anything other than a cup and hot water.  You can even make single serve cold brew in the fridge overnight. All of the packaging is compostable and recyclable, which is great for a single serve coffee product, and the packets are small enough that I can throw them in my backpack when I’m traveling or hiking or camping or hunting or whatever.