Ethiopia & Mexico | Featured Coffee 2016

Dual Feature: Hartebeest & Las Calacas Are Here

Hartebeest: Ethiopia is perhaps one of the best known coffee growing countries and rightly so. It is the genetic birthplace of the coffee tree. Many genotypes remain unnamed, and uncategorized here. They are naturally occurring "Heirloom Varietals" that result in truly unique coffees.

This particular coffee comes to us through the Ethiopia Commodity Exchange (ECX)--a trading initiative introduced to Ethiopia in 2008. Before the ECX introduction, the irregularity involved in exporting coffee out of Ethiopia meant smaller farmers and coops ran the incredibly high risk of price shifts and loss. It is because of the ECX that we’re able to bring Hartebeest to market. It’s a lively coffee whose namesake is the horned African Antelope.

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Las Calacas: Excellent Mexican coffees are a rare find these days. When they show up on shelves, they turn heads. This lack of exposure and recognition, however, is not indicative of Mexican producers’ ability. It’s due in large part to La Roya (coffee rust disease) that has significantly decreased recent supply. Additionally, threatening instability in the region further complicates the environment which invariably cripples production. Needless to say, the last several years have required tireless perseverance and hard work from coffee farmers in Mexico. Yet, against this ominous backdrop, Faustino Garcia has produced an award-winning coffee that has become one of the finest to ever come across our cupping table. Please enjoy!


> 2Tarts Bakery (New Braunfels, TX) ➜ Hartebeest & Las Calacas
> Bee Cave Coffee (Domain Location) ➜ Hartebeest
> Brew n Bake (Lake Jackson) ➜ Hartebeest & Las Calacas
> Central Market (Lamar) ➜ Las Calacas
> Central Market (San Antonio, Broadway) ➜ Las Calacas
> Commonwealth Coffee (San Antonio) ➜ Hartebeest
> Cuvee Coffee Bar (Austin) ➜ Hartebeest & Las Calacas
> Emerald Tavern Games & Cafe (Austin) ➜ Las Calacas
> Glory Bean Coffee (East Bernard, TX) ➜ Hartebeest & Las Calacas
> Graceland Grocery (Austin) ➜ Hartebeest & Las Calacas
> Ground Up Coffee (Celina) ➜ Hartebeest & Las Calacas
> Independence Fine Foods (Austin) ➜ Las Calacas
> Stouthaus Coffee Pub (Austin) ➜ Hartebeest
> Vaudeville (Fredericksburg, TX) ➜ Hartebeest
> Walton's Fancy & Staple (Austin) ➜ Hartebeest & Las Calacas

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