Black & Blue Wins Best of 2015 Award

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Cuvee Coffee's Black & Blue nitro cans win BevNET's Best of 2015 Award.

Award Winning Black & Blue - 01 (M)Santa Monica, California - December 07, 2015 - Announced this afternoon, Cuvee Coffee's Black & Blue nitro cans have been awarded BevNET's Best of 2015 Award for "Best Packaging Innovation of the Year".

Introduced in the Fall of 2014, nitro cans were always the end goal for Cuvee's newest product, Black & Blue. Cuvee Coffee CEO, Mike McKim, is an admitted craft beer enthusiast who loved all the benefits of having beer in fully recyclable aluminum cans. After introducing nitro coffee during the summer of 2012, he immediately began looking for a suitable canning solution. “So many of the beers I loved were coming in cans, and I wanted to enjoy my coffee on the boat and at festivals the same way I was enjoying my beer. Cans can go so many places that bottles can’t.”

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