El Salvador

5 Pound
Roast Level: Medium Roast
Tasting Notes: Nutty - Roasty - Cocoa Powder

This lot of direct trade coffee from the San Francisco Estate is an ongoing project between Cuvée Coffee and Jose Antonio Salaverria to methodically and sustainably increase quality at the farm level.

Using coffee grown on only the top of the mountain known as Cerro Las Ranas, this higher elevation creates a denser coffee bean, allowing for a more consistent roast and a broader range of flavors.

Origin: San Francisco Estate, Juayua
Altitude: 1500–1750 MASL
Varietal: Pacamara, Natural Process Peaberry
Process: Natural, Pulp Natural and Washed

El Salvadorian coffee varietals often share a full body, mild to bright acidity, floral aroma and notes of honey, citrus, and chocolate with a fruity finish.