Roast Level: Medium Dark Roast
Tasting Notes: Milk Chocolate - Caramelized Sugar

This Espresso Blend is no joke. It packs enough of a punch to feel as if you were brought back to life. The slightly more developed roast profile was inspired by our founders first trip to the Pacific North West, back in 2001.

This blend of Central and South American coffees are spiked with a little exotic flavors, from Sumatra and Ethiopia, to help satisfy that little wild streak in all of us.

Origin: Brazil, Colombia, Guatemala, Indonesia, Ethiopia
Altitude: 1150-2150 MASL
Varietal: Various
Process: Various

In a constant effort to keep our blends as fresh as possible, they can vary with coffee's changing seasonality. Contact the Roastery directly to learn more details about the coffees used in this blend.