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Reserva - 06For the Month of December, we present Reserva — a coffee that embodies everything we stand for.
You deserve the very best. You’ve earned it. You obviously work hard, and hell, you’re clearly the best-looking person out of all your friends, so go ahead and treat yourself. It’s time to celebrate. And to help you celebrate this remarkably world-class, all-in-one package that is unquestionably you, we’re featuring RESERVA—a remarkably world-class, all-in-one package coffee.

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> 2 Tarts Bakery (New Braunfels)
> Butter Cafe and Bakery (San Dimas)
> Cuvee Coffee Bar
> Farmhouse Delivery
> The Lab (Lafayette)
> Stahlman Farms at Bear Creek (New Braunfels)
> Walton's Fancy & Staple

During the month of October we introduced a single origin coffee that was processed three different ways in an effort to show the tremendous impact processing can have on a particular coffee. This month, we’re featuring RESERVA which is a single origin coffee processed three different ways then combined into one delicious blend.

In El Salvador, the Salaverria family continues their long tradition of providing exceptional coffee. With regards to RESERVA, they started by separating the ripe coffee cherries into thirds and processing each third using one of three different methods: Washed, Honeyed, and Natural. The three thirds were then blended back together to create the perfect coffee. The result is a strikingly complex coffee with incredible sweetness.

So when you ask yourself "Which coffee shall I drink today: the fruit-forward Natural process, the balanced Honeyed process, or the clean and crisp Washed process?" Your unequivocal answer can be, "Yes!" The perfect all-in-one coffee for the perfect all-in-one person. Honestly, why would you even bother having a cake if you weren't going to eat it too? You deserve this.

So cheers to Reserva, the perfect all-in-one coffee! And Cheers to you, you ridiculously good-looking, hard-working, cake-eating SOB. You're the best. Simply the best, better than all the rest (watch it, you know you want to!), and it’s about damn time everybody celebrated you.


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