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"The Orange Bourbon is a very unusual find."

The story of this coffee begins with the discovery of an unusual variety Jose Antonio found on his farm, El Molino, in El Salvador. Jose Antonio decided to sort the new variety into its own lot to highlight the unique characteristics. The orange bourbon been a standout favorite ever since. The orange bourbon variety is a naturally occurring hybrid of the red and yellow bourbon, and while the yellow is common in Brazil, and the red is common the world over, the orange bourbon is a very unusual find.

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Cultivating the bourbon presents many challenges that are equaled only by their rewards in the cup. Jose Antonio’s dedication to picking and selecting the orange bourbon at its peak ripeness provides a truly unique and fantastic cup of coffee. We hope you enjoy!

Retail Locations

> 2Tarts Bakery (New Braunfels, TX)
> Bee Cave Coffee (Domain Location)
> Bee Cave Coffee (Galleria Location)
> Black Dog Coffee Bar (Austin)
> Brewed Coffee Pub (Ft. Worth, TX)
> Butter Cafe & Bakery (San Dimas, CA)
> Caffe Yolly (Austin)
> Cuvee Coffee Bar (Austin)
> East 1st Grocery (Austin)
> Emerald Tavern Games & Cafe (Austin)
> Glory Bean Coffee Company (Austin)
> Graceland Grocery (Austin)
> Ground Up Coffee (Celina, TX)
> The Lab (Lafayette, LA)
> Mad Coffee & More (Abilene, TX)
> Nolita Mart & Espresso Bar (New York, NY)
> Oddfellows (Dallas, TX)
> Oliver and Co. (San Saba, TX)
> Royal Blue Grocery (South Congress)
> Stango's Coffee Shop (San Angelo, TX)
> Stouthaus Coffee Pub (Austin)
> Walton’s Fancy & Staple (Austin)

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