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Cuberow is our first Ethiopian coffee partnership, and like most of our coffee partnerships it began simple and honest.

Our partnership with Cuberow began like many relationships: a date over coffee! We were introduced by a mutual friend who knew us well and understood what we looked for in a partner. We met Bedhatu Jibichy, an 85-year-old farmer who has been growing coffee her entire life. Bedhatu works closely with her son, Bekele, and when we first walked onto their farm in Ethiopia we saw the uniformity of ripened coffee on raised drying beds. We quickly understood that Bedhatu and her son were the kind of partners we wanted. We brought Cuberow home, featured it for a month and introduced it to all our friends (that's you). You know, the way you do when you first meet someone you're excited about.

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And What A Month It Was! Everyone Loved Cuberow (The Way We Knew You All Would), And We Quickly Sold Out. In Fact, Things Went So Well Last Year That We’re Ready For A Longer-Term Commitment. (Hell, We May Even Bring Cuberow Home To Meet Our Parents!) We've Ordered More Coffee This Year, And We Hope To Make Cuberow Part Of Our Year-Long Core Offerings.

Real Relationships Require Cooperation, Honesty, Communication And Trust. These Partnerships Are Not Always Easy, But When Both Partners Are Committed To Making It Work, The Results Are Fantastic And Everyone Benefits. A Pursuit For Exceptional Coffees Means A Pursuit For Exceptional Partners, And In That Spirit, We’re Proud To Showcase Cuberow For The Month Of January. Enjoy!

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