Seventh Flag Coffee | Coffee Partner Series

"Our Country of Friends; All Welcome, All Ways"

Officially open down on S. 1st St., Seventh Flag Coffee has already made big waves across Austin's Specialty Coffee scene. An honorable mention from the New York Times aside, this place has started strong right out the gates with a beautifully simplistic buildout that features the distinct marker of a "new nation unto itself where all are welcome": the Seventh Flag.

"Seventh Flag really represents another nation within our state of Texas which is a country of friends and one which embodies openness, acceptance and a welcoming spirit," boasts owner Zach Biderman. "We really want people to feel welcome and have a great experience here."

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We're especially pleased to partner with Seventh Flag for several reasons. "We focus on customer service first, because that's the most important, then cleanliness, product quality--which is a given--and educating the customer in an approachable manner," Zach proudly states. "That's the order, but really they're all the most important." He pauses then laughs, "Of course." In addition to offering consistently stellar beverages crafted by extra friendly baristas, Seventh Flag Coffee also carries our beloved Black & Blue on tap. "Cuvée has been extraordinarily helpful to getting us where we are right now, and we look forward to a long relationship with them."

Be sure to stop by Seventh Flag Coffee soon and enjoy the refreshingly clean white interior, an espresso & tea pairing from the bar and a cold pour of Black & Blue on a nitro tap.

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