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"We're extremely focused around people here at Thunderbird."

Ryan McElroy, the owner of Thunderbird Coffee in Austin, loves many things. Chief among them are people, beer, coffee and Austin. And if you spend any amount of time with Ryan, you quickly pick up on these themes. During our interview, he glowed with pride as he spoke of his staff and their ability to "come over the counter" and the new remodel of the Koenig location with its 36 (THIRTY-SIX!) taps dedicated to craft beer. Then just when you think you have Ryan figured out, he quotes Miles Davis. "If anybody wants to keep creating they have to be about change."

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Thunderbird coffee is a phenomenal spot to find good coffee, enjoy excellent food and have a craft beer with friends. There are two locations in Austin: Koenig Lane and Manor Road on the Eastside.

Cuvée Coffee is very proud to have a growing partnership with Thunderbird. And if excellent coffee and 36 (again, that's THRITY-SIX!) taps of craft beer were not enough to encourage you to visit, consider this  really funny article by Thrillist that features Thunderbird and some of its employees. Ryan is the one wearing the scarf and rolling his eyes at you.

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