FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Cuvée Coffee Launches New Retail Concept in East Austin

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Cuvée Coffee Launches New Retail Concept in East Austin

Austin, Texas - August 1, 2014 - Cuvée Coffee is in the final stages of construction on their first retail coffee bar and have set to open the doors publicly on August 11th.

The coffee bar will be located at 2000 E. 6th Street in the same building as creative production companies Blackboard, Tastemade, Greatest Common Factory, The Company of Others, Dedo, Sensory Interactive and OCDC and will share a parking lot with destination restaurants Counter Café and Gardner.

In addition to serving a selection of traditional espresso beverages and pour over coffee, the coffee bar will have twelve taps--nine dedicated to craft beer, two provided for select wine and one reserved for Black & Blue, Cuvée’s first-to-market nitrogenated cold craft coffee. The coffee bar will also provide pastries from Walton’s Fancy and Staple and plans to offer meat and cheese plates from Antonelli’s Cheese Shop in the evening.

Cuvée’s goal is to introduce a different retail experience. Cuvée’s Founder and CEO, Mike McKim was inspired by the innovation of the Modbar brewing system and began looking outside the coffee industry to find ways to change how coffee is served.

“We love being deeply rooted in the Austin community--this is our home. Our new concept will challenge people at first, because it is different than what they are used to in a coffee shop, but Austin is the perfect city to introduce a new coffee shop model. This town is full of creative and inventive people, so an innovative experience just make sense here.” - Mckim

Cuvée Coffee is a craft coffee company located in Austin, Texas that strives for innovation in its coffee roastery, cold coffee brewery, training facility and all retail locations.

CONTACT: Michael Manes

Ph: 512.865.8658