Award Winning Wild Gift Coffee Served This Weekend at Cuvee Coffee Bar

Cuvee Coffee Bar will be serving Wild Gift Coffee's Rwanda for a Limited Time

Clancy - 02"Some of the best coffee in the country is coming out of Austin, Texas," the coffee professional whom I'd never met said to me. His statement came on the heels of Wild Gift Coffee's 2nd place finish in the Roasters' Choice Competition. I tend to agree about coffee in Austin, of course, but I'm fiercely biased. We were in Long Beach late last month for the 2015 U.S. Coffee Championships, and I was having many conversations like this with coffee professionals, but his statement succinctly summed them all up.

Wild Gift Coffee is doing great things in Austin. And Clancy Rose--the man behind the machine--is no exception. Clancy is a celebrated and gifted coffee roaster. Back in the day, Clancy and I roasted coffee together here at Cuvee Coffee. Clancy was the guy who helped me load the U-Haul when we moved the roastery from Houston to Austin. Clancy was a huge part of our growth and success, both roasting coffee and teaching classes. We've had many good and bad times together, and in short, Clancy is my boy. That's why I am incredibly proud to serve his coffee in our East 6th shop.

Starting today, Cuvee Coffee Bar will be serving the Rwanda that Clancy used in Roasters’ Choice. So come in and celebrate one of the best roasters in the business, my friend Clancy Rose. You’re my boy, blue! Cheers - Mike


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