We’re Giving Away Free Coffee For One Year - SXSW 2015

for a year.

That’s right, people. All during SXSW this year we’re giving away FREE COFFEE for ONE YEAR via Twitter. All you have to do to enter is snap a couple pics of your beautiful face with our stuff and BLAMMO. FREE COFFEE.

Here’s How To Enter:
1.) Follow us on Twitter (@CuveeCoffee)
2.) Include the hashtag #CuveeSXSW
3.) Include pics of all of the following items (can be a single Tweet or multiple Tweets):

> You and a Cuvee Crowler of Beer
> You and the New Mural at E. 6th
> You and a Can of Black & Blue

The contest begins Friday, March 13th and ends at 5pm CST on Sunday, March 22nd. We’ll randomly select a winner and make an announcement Tuesday, March 24th. (Multiple entries permissible. United States only.) If you win, we’ll ship you two 12oz bags of coffee every month for 12 months. So dust off your selfie skills and get to work. This ish cray.


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