Introducing UberEATS at Cuvee Coffee Bar

Austin’s first BYOF coffee shop has just arrived. We think. Actually, we’ll do the research later, but we’re pretty sure it’s the first. Anyway. We’ve all been there, right? Hungry, in need of caffeine, and yet can’t find that place that perfectly satisfies your food and coffee needs. Well, calm the hell down because our new partnership with UberEATS changes that. That’s right--Bring Your Own Food. #NailedIt

Starting today, UberEATS provides your favorite local tacos, ramen, burger or whatever with the touch of a button and delivers it to you at Cuvee Coffee Bar. All you do is visit our shop, get a drink (beer, wine and of course, coffee) and find yourself a seat on our porch or in our spacious bar. In no time, you’ll be chowing down with cold, fresh nitro cold brew in hand. Just download the UberEATS app, place your order, and like magic, food is handed to you in minutes.

“Wait, huh? WHY?!” we see you asking yourself.

Why? Because we are not interested in the boring, coma-inducing status quo. We approach everything we do differently (see NITRO COLD BREW), and whether it’s selling crowlers (R.I.P.), or allowing you to BYOF, we escalate the sitch. Now, we’ve escalated NORM to NOM.

We did it because we ARE interested in providing you the perfect space to meet with friends, entertain clients, host business meetings, and begin your evening with great local beer and the best coffee money can buy. And this new partnership with UberEATS ensures that we provide an even greater experience. So come see us. No reservations necessary, just hungry people. Come get your noms, people. NOMS. #NailedIt

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