PRESS RELEASE: Cuvee Coffee To Pursue Resolution With TABC

UPDATE: Cuvee Coffee CEO, Mike McKim spoke with What's On Tap Radio out of Houston. Listen to his explanation of the situation. (Skip to minute 56:00)

FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: Cuvee Coffee will pursue a resolution of the matter with TABC, and the courts, as necessary.

SXSW 2015 Giveaway - Blog 01Austin, Texas - September 29, 2015 - TABC issued a press release today explaining the actions it has taken against Cuvee Coffee for its use of their crowler machine. Cuvee's position has been, and continues to be, that the practice of filling and selling crowlers does not violate its TABC permit nor any provision of the alcoholic beverage code.

Cuvee is a law abiding business, with good relations with TABC representatives. We simply disagree with TABC's interpretation of the beverage code as it relates to our crowler machine. Our decision to continue using the crowler was driven by our desire to obtain a judicial ruling on our use of the crowler -- a decision not uninvited by TABC representatives.

As the press release acknowledges, we were simply exercising our right to petition the courts for a ruling. That can't happen until a court obtains jurisdiction over this issue. The violation formally issued by TABC today begins that process. Importantly, it has always been our intention to cease use of the crowler once we received the notice of violation. Now that we have that, we'll pursue a resolution of the matter with TABC, and the courts, as necessary.

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