NOW HIRING: Sales Director

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This position has been filled. Thank you!

Sales Director - Full Time, ATX

• Do you love coffee?
• Are you proactive, confident and assertive?
• Do you enjoy helping people realize their dreams?
• Do you pride yourself on great customer service?
• Are you organized and detail oriented?

If so, as the Sales Director for Cuvee Coffee, you will be the daily face of our brand to our customers, both new and existing. Your job is to field requests and qualify leads, provide outstanding customer service and lay the foundation to build an exceptional sales force.

Cuvee Coffee is a highly-celebrated company. We are past the start-up phase and are in rapid growth mode. Our vision, brand and culture are paramount to everything we do, and we have a great team driving us forward. We are looking for people who are passionate about our brand, our coffee and our customers.

We’re looking for rock stars. Hard work, long hours and true dedication with a great upside.