Nothing has changed. Just the entire can design. Other than that, nothing.

It’s what’s on the inside that counts…well, kinda.

Being first to market has advantages, but consumer feedback is definitely not one of them. When we first launched Nitro Cold Brew in a can, the focus was heavily on the cold brew itself. The can was simply a way to grab your attention. The blue color was a no brainer since blue has been part of the company identity for nearly a decade. Next was some sort of design, and that inspiration came to Rashelle through a Norman Rockwell painting titled “shiner.” But what do we call the product? How about Black & Blue…black coffee in a blue can. And the image is a boy with a shiner…that makes sense, right?

There is no doubt that cold brew has transformed the way people are drinking coffee. Not only is it the hottest trend in the coffee industry, it is one of the hottest beverage trends right now period. But it became obvious that there is still a lot of consumer confusion in the category, and that is why we decided to completely redesign our can. We talked with cold brew drinkers from coast to coast, found out what information is most important to them and we put it on the new can.

Don’t worry, it’s still that same delicious Nitro Cold Brew you love. But now your recycling bin will look a lot prettier. And the added bonus is that the new American size can (our old cans came from the UK) fits perfectly in a YETI Rambler Colster!

In true Cuvée fashion, we’re going to have a party to celebrate the new can! Join us on Saturday, Jan 20 from 12pm – 4pm at YETI Flagship in Austin as we pour one out for our old can design and celebrate the dawn of a new Cuvée era. We’ll have live music, free stuff, and of course plenty of cold brews to go around!

Cuvée Cold Brew New Can Launch Party @ YETI Flagship!