Los Luchadores | Featured Coffee 2017

The big man is back and better than ever.

Los Luchadores means "the wrestlers.” The Pacamara varietal is a hybrid between Pacas, a descendant of the Bourbon in El Salvador, and Maragogipe, a giant “Elephant Bean” from Brazil. Pulling on characteristics of both its parent varietals, the Pacamara is quirky and full of character, an appropriate contrast to the balanced and “classic” profile of the Pacas and Bourbon that dominate this region. This varietal is substantially larger, more than twice the size, of most heirloom varietals. Rather appropriate for a Luchador, no?

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Distinctly El Salvador in character, but unlike most classic El Salvador coffees, Jose Antonio Salaverria’s coffee showcases the dynamic quality of an origin typically underestimated in diversity. With a meticulous eye for detail in the washed processing, as well as keen foresight in separating this varietal from the others growing on his farms, Jose Antonio continues to challenge long held notions and push the boundaries of expectation when it comes to coffees from El Salvador.


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Big Beans and Big Personality

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