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ANNOUNCING: BARISTA in PDX offers san jose ocana

We love BARISTA and what they are doing in PDX, and we're honored to provide this exceptional coffee.

Barista PDX - 01This weekend BARISTA in Portland will offer our limited released San Jose Ocana -- which has been processed three different ways -- as three different espresso options. This marks the first time that a coffee shop has provided this exceptional coffee in all its different forms as espresso options. Additionally, this is the first time that BARISTA has exclusively offered one roaster for espresso beverages.

A year-round staple for Cuvee, San Jose Ocana is an excellent example of what a Direct Trade relationship can truly be. Since 2010 Cuvee’s consistent commitment to purchase this coffee has enabled Guillermo Sanchez–the 5th generation to run San Jose Ocana–to continually invest and reinvest in his farm.

Especially during devastating seasons of disease, the security of a guaranteed buyer has enabled the giftedness of Guillermo to flourish. And it shows in this world-class coffee. Year after year Guillermo continues to produce coffee that exceeds our expectations. Not only are we thankful for his commitment to increased quality, but we’re honored to be a part of a partnership that benefits so many.

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