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The Monkeys are Back!

Meaning "two monkeys", Dois Macacos is a product of twos: two estates, forming two lots with two different processing methods. Literally, Dois Macacos is twice as good. Truthfully, when we began our search, we wanted a single coffee. But Henrique Dias Cambraia, the current owner of the Fazenda (meaning “farm”) Samambaia presented us with two coffees that we could not live without. So we decided to buy both. Dois Macacos is a combination of two lots from two different farms.

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Dois Macacos is a combination of the berry forward notes of a naturally processed coffee via the Campo Allegre estate along with the sweetness and creamy like body of its pulp natural counterpart from Samambaia.


> 2Tarts Bakery (New Braunfels, TX)
> A Cup of Common Wealth (Lexington, KY)
> Butter Cafe and Bakery (San Dimas, CA)
> City Coffee House and Creperie (St. Louis, MO)
> Cuvee Coffee Bar (Austin)
> Emerald Tavern and Games (Austin)
> Glory Bean Coffee (East Bernard, TX)
> Graceland Grocery (Austin)
> Mad Coffee & More (Abilene, TX)
> Nolita Mart (New York)
> Manana - South Congress Hotel (Austin)
> Stouthaus Coffee Pub (Austin)
> Walton's Fancy & Staple (Austin)
> Whole Foods (Lamar, ATX)
> Whole Foods (Uptown, Dallas)
> Whole Foods (Vineyard, SATX)

The two farms where Dois Macacos grows is in the South of Minas Gerias. Both farms, the Fazendas (meaning “farm”) Samambaia and Campo Allegre, are home to rolling hills, coastal winds and of course monkeys. Fazenda Samambaia has been in the Cambraia family since 1896, handed down through the generations. Henrique Dias Cambraia, the current owner, expanded the farm, modernized much of the coffee processing methods and now offers various pilot projects which include hand-picked, small batch naturals.

Dois Macacos is truly the by-product of exceptional coffee production and our indecisive purchasing. And the resulting coffee for the month of May is, therefore, really something to behold.

For the entire month of May, we are proud to feature Dois Macacos. Enjoy!

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