Santa Rita Peaberry | Featured Coffee 2016

Santa Rita Peaberry has been one of our limited release mainstays for several years.

For years now, Jose Antonio Salaverria and family have produced flawless, high quality specialty grade coffees. As the Salaverria family can attest to, this is no easy feat. However, constantly working to improve quality is their singular dedication. And Santa Rita Peaberry has been one of the greatest beneficiaries of this commitment. This coffee is dearly loved by many which explains why it remains our fastest selling coffee to date.

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For those asking, peaberries are singular seeds found inside a coffee cherry. Typically there are two seeds of equal size, but with peaberries, there is one small seed. Peaberries occur naturally in only about 5% of any given harvest, and though they are smaller than typical coffee cherries, the Peaberry yields remarkable sweetness. Jose Antonio and family painstakingly separate the peaberry seeds from the others, which when roasted, creates a truly memorable cup of coffee.

Santa Rita Peaberry is only available for a limited time, so grab a bag as soon as you’re able. Find it Here:

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