RESERVA | Featured Coffee 2016

The complexity of a blend embodied in a Single Origin.

As long as we’ve known him, Jose Antonio Salaverria has been pushing the boundaries of conventional coffee growing. Reserva is no exception. This coffee is the combination of three different processing methods mixed into a single coffee. This is difficult to accomplish, because each processing method imparts a unique quality and creates varying moisture contents which makes the coffee extremely difficult for roasters. However, Jose Antonio compensates for this by patio drying the three different processes together at origin which levels the moisture content.

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This coffee requires very hard work, but Jose Antonio leans into this task readily and by doing so, he’s crafted a truly original coffee with espresso-like complexity.


> Brew n Bake
> Brewed Coffee Pub
> Butter Cafe
> Caffe Yolly
> Central Market (Lamar)
> Dai Due
> Cuvee Coffee Bar
> Emerald Tavern Games & Cafe
> Graceland Grocery
> Mad Coffee & More
> Odd Duck
> Oddfellows
> Royal Blue Grocery (South Congress)
> Stouthaus Coffee Pub
> Strada Caffe
> Vaudeville
> Walton's Fancy & Staple
> Whole Foods (Fort Worth - New Store)

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