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san sebastian full-2912"Only the best lots were incorporated into San Sebastian."

Derived from the Las Mingas Project and produced entirely by small-lot coffee growers in Huila, Colombia, San Sebastian is the product of a community’s persistent craftsmanship and extensive lot selection. Realizing the benefits of working together and striving to produce high quality coffee, all 320+ of these small-lot growers are able to collectively achieve a world-class coffee on a remarkably consistent basis. This year for San Sebastian, Cuvee selected six individual farmers to feature in this rare, high-quality offering. San Sebastian represents not only Cuvee Coffee’s continued journey to achieve excellence, but also the hard work of our devoted coffee partners on that same journey.

Early Adopters

Looking to try our new featured coffee? These early adopters currently carry the much anticipated San Sebastian AAA.

> 2 Tarts Bakery (New Braunfels)
> Bee Cave Coffee Co. (Domain)
> Bee Cave Coffee Co. (Galleria)
> Carroll Street Coffee Bar & Café (Poth, TX)
> Cuvee Coffee Bar
> Down House (Houston)
> Independence Fine Foods
> Caffe Medici (Austonian)
> Caffe Medici (S. Lamar)
> Patika
> Stango's (San Angelo)
> Stouthaus Coffee Pub
> Walton's Fancy & Staple
> Whole Foods (Lamar)

Special Thanks

As part of the release earlier this week, exclusive events were hosted at select locations to celebrate this remarkable coffee.

Patika Coffee

Tuesday, Sep. 1st


Wednesday, Sep. 2nd

Medici (S. Lamar)

Thursday, Sep. 3rd

More about San Sebastian AAA
San Sebastian is a Colombian specialty coffee produced by the small coffee growers members of Occicafe, a coffee grower association based in the municipality of La Plata, in Southwest Huila. It is the product of the craftsmanship of the small coffee growers that produce it, along with the extensive lot selection process done by our exporting partner, Virmax.

The association has over 320 members from the surrounding municipalities. Its members are small­scale coffee growers, whose farms range from 1 to 5 hectares and at altitudes ranging between 1,400 and 1,900 m.a.s.l. Realizing the benefits of working together and striving to produce high quality coffee, these farmers were able to achieve an economies of scale to compete and differentiate themselves in the market. And for the last several years, Cuvee Coffee has worked closely with these small lot farms to build Las Mingas, one of our primary core coffees.

Due to the large number of farmers participating, and its location on the equatorial line, Cuvee is able to receive freshly harvested coffee 4 times each year. To ensure a consistent cup profile each year, Virmax has a dedicated quality analyst working side-­by-­side with the growers and cupping every single grower lot brought by them to the warehouse. In addition, Cuvee works with Virmax to become familiarized with the lots being produced from the various farmers within the association.

Only the best lots and those that fit the cup profile are incorporated into San Sebastian. This year, we have chosen to highlight the efforts of 6 individual farmers, and the exceptional work they’ve produced.



This coffee is a great example of a balanced, round and sweet Colombian cup, showing notes of dark chocolate, citrus peel, red cherries and caramel.

We hope you enjoy!


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