El Molino Orange and Yellow Bourbon | Featured Coffee 2016

The Story of these two coffees began with a conversation

Jose Antonio Salaverria began noticing an unusual variety on his farm, El Molino near the city of Ataco. He decided to sort it into its own lot and after tasting the unique characteristics, he decided to dedicate time to the orange bourbon--a naturally occurring hybrid of the red and yellow bourbon. While the red bourbon coffee cherry is common the world over, the yellow is mostly common in Brazil while the orange bourbon is a very, very unusual find anywhere.

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CULTIVATING THE BOURBON PRESENTS MANY CHALLENGES, challenges that are only equaled by their rewards in the cup. Bourbon typically has a lower yield, is less disease resistant, and requires more shade than other hybrid varietals that promise an easier harvest. Add to that that a ripe orange bourbon is the same color as an under ripe red bourbon and an overripe yellow bourbon, all of which grow together on the same farm, and you have a difficult harvest season ahead.

COFFEE PICKERS MUST BE TRAINED, AND REWARDED FOR THIS EXTRA SKILL. Jose Antonio makes sure that all of his pickers are thoroughly trained and financially rewarded for picking each varietal at its peak ripeness, and since coffee cherries do not ripen at the same rate, he must pay these pickers to go out five or six times a harvest. This may not be the easiest way to produce coffee, but it is a way that has fantastic results.


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