Cuvee Coffee Bar Celebrates 2 Years of Local Love

Our customers and the east side community are the heart and soul of Cuvée Coffee Bar

Two short years ago, we opened up our flagship coffee bar in East Austin. There are so many ways we can measure the past two years; shots of espresso pulled, latte art hearts poured, crowler machine installed, crowler machine hugged, crowler machine stolen, kegs of beer tapped. Those are all important things; however, we would like to document our time on the east side of Austin with what makes our coffee bar unique.


We’re pretty convinced we have the most talented, creative, unique, and genuine customers to grace the streets of Austin. And in honor of all our amazing customers and the east side community that has supported our craft since the beginning, we are highlighting theirs.

On Thursday, at our Two Year Anniversary Party, we will unveil our Local Love Exhibit. A wall of some of our favorite people and what they do out in the world, once they have had their caffeine of course. We love our locals, and we love what they do. Coffee is our craft, and now we get to show off theirs. Crafts are something done with passion and persistence. Teaching a culinary trade, developing apps, running a gelato shop, or being a welder repair technician are just a few of the crafts that will grace the exhibit.

Our customers and the east side community are the heart and soul of Cuvée Coffee Bar. We are tremendously grateful for the past two years here on the east side and are stoked for the adventures ahead.

So here’s to two years, and cheers to many more! Celebrate with us tonight, August 25th from 5-11PM. More details ➜ Click Here.

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