Big body with a kiss of roastiness. Finishes with dried fruit and molasses.

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Dark roast means different things to different people. To us, it means that we have achieved a wonderful balance between origin flavors and roast character. Roasting is an infinitely dynamic process involving enzymatic reactions, Strecker degradation, caramelization, and dry distillation. In short, it’s more than just turning the coffee brown. Roasting is a craft requiring an understanding of organic chemistry and the delicate touch and vision of an artist.

The status quo is never acceptable. Most people’s initial encounter with a dark roast is a cup full of smoke and ash, but we think coffee should be more than that. We strive to maintain distinctive origin flavors while softening the acidity and highlighting distinctive molasses and spice characteristics. Each component of this blend is roasted separately to ensure that every bean is developed precisely in order to deliver its full potential.

Every coffee tells a story; every bean has a history. Our duty to the farmers who meticulously labor halfway across the world is to showcase their tireless efforts to consistently produce high quality coffee. That’s why Mezzanotte has enough roast development to please those who look for deep character in their coffee, but is applied with a delicate enough hand to still understand what the producer was trying to achieve.