Sweet red fruit with a creamy body, malted chocolate & a spicy zinfandel finish.

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This coffee is our love song to espresso. Initially created out of a desire to bring something unique to the world of espresso, Meritage has evolved into the soul of Cuvée Coffee Roasting Company. Sure, we love our single origin offerings, our seasonal offerings and our other house blends, but Meritage was our first. And like all firsts, it owns a special place in our hearts.

Coffee is a seasonal crop. To most, this is a revelation. To us, it’s just how we do business. That’s why the components of Meritage will change with the season, but in the words of Alice Waters, “It’s more important to always taste great than to always taste the same.” That’s how we buy our coffee, too. By building long-term, mutually beneficial, sustainable relationships directly with the coffee producers, not only do we have access to the best coffees they produce, we are ensuring the long-term success of the farmers and everyone else who depends on that farm for a living.

Created as an espresso, you shouldn’t be surprised to find that this is a coffee that shines in almost every brew method. If it can stand up to the most brutal and unforgiving method of preparing coffee, does a French Press really stand a chance? Give it a try, and we think you’ll fall in love.