Sweet citrus front mellows into honey & melon with a softly floral and a silky caramel finish.

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Coffee is an exercise in communication and collaboration. The smallholder producers involved in the Hunapu group produce only a few bags of coffee a year and gather their coffees at Luis Pedro Zeleya’s family mill, Bella Vista. For the past five years, Luis has worked with these farmers to develop impeccable lot separation while maintaining a transparency we value highly in building mutually beneficial relationships.

This is a coffee of past, present and future. “Hunapu” is the Cackchiquel word (the historical language of the region) for Volcano de Agua, the volcano that the farms are gathered around. Luis is a fourth-generation coffee producer committed to quality coffee by ecologically stable and environmentally friendly methods. Together, Luis and the farmers continue to support and uplift their community by focusing on a quality of work and a quality of life that we are proud to be a part of.

With communication and collaboration, the community thrives. Cuvée visits Luis’ mill and meets with the producers in the Miguel Dueñas and Ciudad Vieja micro-region. We select several of the microlots to create our lot for the year. Although each coffee has its own nuance, we look for coffees that showcase an exceptional sweet citrus and caramel. It takes extra attention and care to keep each of the microlots separate during milling, but it allows us a unique opportunity to help craft our coffee at the farm level.

Various small producers
Red Bourbon
1500 – 1650 MASL