Classic Spicewood 71

Sweet melon fades into toffee and caramel with an orange citrus balancing a malt chocolate body

from $13.02

The whole is greater than the sum of its parts. This is what we are thinking every time we create a blend, and Spicewood 71 Classic is the epitome of this ideology. We craft this coffee to be used as a “House Blend” as it remains complex, yet very approachable. This is representative of our coffee buying and roasting –a great introduction to Cuvee Coffee.

Start with amazing coffees; finish with an awesome product. Some roasters will buy a lower quality coffee specifically to fill a blend and mask it with a higher quality coffee. We think that is naive, as a finished product is only as good as the parts you use to make it. Every coffee we source, we buy because we feel it to be exceptional. We offer all of them as Single Origins, and from those coffees we create our blends. This is a coffee that we love; made from coffees that we love.

It is clean, sweet and full of surprises. Just the way a great blend should be. The coffee that comes out is infinitely dynamic due to the nature of blending, and it is not possible to name all of the flavors one can find in this coffee. Though an attempt has been made and guidelines shared, explore the potential of this coffee, experience all that this blend has to offer, and fall in love again and again.