Espresso Labs. Our espresso labs are designed to provide you with all of the tools to ensure that your customers are getting the finest drinks possible.  Class is limited to four students to ensure personal instruction and lots of hands on, practical application.  Labs are taught by coffee professionals, including championship baristas, SCAA certified trainers, and BGA certified examiners.

Option I: One Day Espresso Lab. Designed for the novice barista, this class is an introduction into the espresso craft.  This 6 hour course will give you a solid foundation upon which to continue to build and hone your skills as a coffee professional.  In the class you will learn both fundamental and advanced skills including:

  • Grinding, Dosing, Tamping
  • Proper Extraction Techniques and Cues
  • Milk Steaming/Texturing
  • Drink Building
  • Basic Equipment Maintenance
  • Espresso Equipment Maintenance

Option II: Two Day Espresso Lab: Designed for existing shops and baristas currently working in the industry who are looking to further their knowledge and skill base, the two day class looks into espresso extraction theory, milk science, and other skills relevant to the production barista. Customer service is integrated into the curriculum throughout both days as it is an essential component of the cafe world.

Part 1

  • Espresso Defined
  • Training Your Palate – Learn to taste espresso; field diagnostics
  • Equipment Overview – Components, requirements, and preventative maintenance
  • Making Great Espresso – Basic techniques and mechanics of proper espresso preparation and service
  • Shot Extraction – Grind/Dose/Tamp adjustments
  • Milk Steaming and Texturing – Sanitation, basic milk science, steaming to order, controlling waste and cost
  • Understanding Cafe Beverages – Common cafe drinks and the national/regional differences
  • Latte Art Intro – Plating in a cup, as marketing, as “differentiator”

Part 2

  • Latte Art
  • Milk Science
  • Supply and Equipment – Tools necessary to create Latte Art
  • Four Basic Pouring techniques – Monks Head, Heart, Rosetta, Tulip
  • Plan for ongoing hands-on practice – Hands on techniques under guidance from instructors to produce
  • Simultaneously steam milk and extract espresso
  • Milk sharing techniques
  • Maintaining an orderly, clean station
  • Operate in pairs, high volume cafe techniques
  • Health and hygiene practices built into workflow
  • Advanced Techniques
  • Ensure quality control through increased attention to individual aspects of the espresso preparation.
  • Advanced Espresso Techniques
  • Advanced Grinding, Dosing, & Tamping Methods
  • Advanced Steaming Techniques

Option III: Three Day Lab. This class is for the person who is operating or contemplating opening a coffee house. It will provide an in-depth look into the craft of Specialty Coffee, from seed to cup. You will leave having all of the tools of the well rounded coffee professional, as this includes the curriculum from the two day espresso lab and an entire day used to understand extraction fundamentals, coffee processing and agronomy, and filter brewed coffee.

Part 1

  • Understanding and employing previous coffee research
  • Coffee Brewing Institute
  • Midwest Research Institute
  • Specialty Coffee Association of America
  • Coffee Tasters Flavor Wheel
  • Ted Lingle’s “The Basics of Brewing Coffee”
  • Introduction into Brewing Theory
  • Principles governing “optimum balance”
  • Identity four sensory aspects of brewed coffee
  • Six essential elements of brewing
  • Identify three stages of the brew process
  • Thinking in 5D – Manual brewing and the challenges therein
  • Pair coffees with brewing equipment to achieve the maximum potential of each coffee
  • Brewing Equipment & Technique – Understand the benefits and drawbacks of:   Beehouse, Chemex, Clever, V60, French Press, Siphon/Vac Pot

Part II & III are the two day espresso lab

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